Platinum Healthcare




These plans can also be used for visa and residency in Spain only and within a network of doctors associated to your contract by showing your medical card and are direct billing, meaning that upon contracting you’ll receive a medical card to use at the clinic. These are very comprehensive plans that include:


1. General Medicine: this includes medical care in a healthcare centre, indication and prescription of basic diagnosis tests and procedures (analysis and general radiology). It also includes home services when, for reasons attributable only to the insured’s illness, it is not possible to attend a consulting room. In emergencies the insured shall go to the permanent emergency services or else contact emergency customer service using the details listed on the back of your medical cards.

2. Pediatrics and Childcare: This includes the care of children up to 15 years old in consulting room and at home, the examination and prescription of tests and basic diagnosis procedures (analysis and general radiology).

3. Nursing service includes medical care in healthcare centre and at home.


The cover includes healthcare in the event of an emergency. It will be provided in the permanent emergency centres agreed with the insurer and listed in the User Guide to Doctors and Services corresponding to this product.


This policy includes all specialist care (allergology, traumatology, gynaecology, dermatology, etc) and there is no need to go to do a General Practitioner prior if you know type of specialist you require, diagnostic tests, including simple (ultrasound scans, blood tests, etc.) and high-tech tests (CT scans, MRIs, etc.).

  • Therapeutic methods, including simple (rehabilitation, aerosol therapy, etc.) and high-tech methods (lithotripsy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.).
  • Hospitalisation and surgery.
  • Hospitalisation and surgery.

Hospitalisation in a clinic or hospital assigned to your insurance. In the case of admission, the patient shall occupy a conventional, individual room with a bed for relatives, except in psychiatric hospitalisation, in ICU and in an incubator and the insurer will cover the expenses arising from performing diagnostic and therapeutic methods, surgical treatments (including operating theatre and medicine expenses, provided that they are used in accordance with the indications set out on the product datasheet, except medicine that is not authorised for sale in Spain) and bed and board of the patient.

Usually, preventative care is not covered in any of the Spanish expat healthcare policies, however most insurers cover the following. Preventive medicine including programmes applied to healthy populations covering different activities such as medical consultations, physical exams and basic diagnostic tests prescribed by the specialist concerned for early disease diagnosis:

Pediatrics: Provides for consultation with a specialist, new born health checks (including metabolic screening and early hearing impairment detection via OAEs or AEPs where necessary) and regular health checks to monitor child development (from birth to 11 years of age).

Gastrointestinal Tract: Includes consultation with a specialist and a physical examination as well as basic diagnostic tests.

Cardiology: Includes consultation with a specialist and a physical examination as well as basic diagnostic tests (e.g., ECG, basic blood and urine tests) and a stress test to establish coronary risk.

Pneumology: Includes consultation with a specialist and a physical examination as well as basic diagnostic tests (e.g., chest x-ray).

Gynecology: Provides for an annual gynaecological check for cervical, endometrial and breast cancer prevention. Includes consultation with a specialist and a physical examination as well as basic diagnostic tests (e.g., ultrasound scan, mammogram, pap smear test or gynaecological ultrasound scan).

Urology: Provides for a medical consultation with a specialist and basic blood tests (including PSA determination) and urine tests, along with other basic diagnostic tests (e.g., ultrasound scan and/or prostate biopsy). The recommended frequency for these exams varies in line with the characteristics of each case, which is why it is up to the specialist to establish recommendations in accordance with the expat health cover policy.


Limits: Usually there are limits per person per year, always check your expat healthcare policy documents to see these limits. And they cover the below::

  • Medical expenses (doctors, surgeons and hospitals/clinics) medicine prescribed by a doctor, emergency dentist expenses up to a limit per insured, excluding expenses related to endodontic treatments, cosmetic reconstructions of previous treatments, teeth cleaning, caps, and implants.
  • Hospital fees.
  • Fees for an ambulance ordered by a doctor for a local journey. 
  • Dental cover (see dental section on your policy documents). 
  • International second opinion.

Includes a second opinion on medical diagnosis or treatment in the event of serious chronic diseases requiring scheduled care of which the course may require new diagnostic tests or therapeutic measures and whereof the life prognosis is seriously compromised. This second opinion shall be issued by a medical report by leading specialists, healthcare centres, physicians or academics in any country in the world, designated by the insurer. Contact us to check what documents are needed for this service to be provided.