Platinum Healthcare




This private health insurance product is aimed at foreign students residing in Spain who seek medical protection during their period of stay in Spain and the best quality care solution suitable for visa processing in Spain (The Visa/residency requirements in Spain require a certificate issued by the insurer confirming 12-months cover from the moment you arrive in Spain). 

This policy is the best medical insurance for students who are looking for comprehensive medical coverage from day one in a top-tier medical network. The contracting age is between 14 and 35 years and includes repatriation as required by the embassy and has no co-payment. The policy can usually be contracted for a min of 3 months, and complies with the VISA requirements, providing full cover from day one, unlimited in the network. Paediatrician and obstetrics services are excluded to enable a more competitive quote.

  • Exceeds the min 30.000€ requirement with unlimited.
  • Direct billing: meaning that you will have to only use your medical card, no payment has to be given at the clinics. 
  • No excess/ co-payment policy, is required. 
  • Includes repatriation to the country of origin. 
  • Immediate cover with no waiting period.

From the moment you fill in the application online, the process will take 1 to 3 working days to set the contract up and issue your certificate.

If you have no bank account within the SEPA region we accept payments by card for the full year, if the Visa / residency is denied we can cancel and reimburse your payment.


General Medicine: this student medical plan includes medical care in a healthcare centre, diagnosis and prescription of basic diagnosis tests and procedures (analysis and general radiology). It also home services when the insurer’s illness prevents attendance at a consulting room. In emergencies the policy holder shall go to the permanent emergency services or else contact emergency customer service, details can be found on the back of your medical card. Nursing Service Includes healthcare at the healthcare centre and at home.


Healthcare in the event of emergency will be provided in the permanent emergency centres agreed with the insurer and listed in the User Guide to Doctors and Services corresponding to this product.


including simple (rehabilitation, aerosol therapy, etc.) and high-tech methods (lithotripsy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc.).


This policy includes all specialist care (allergology, traumatology, gynaecology, dermatology, etc) and there is no need to go to a General Practitioner doctor beforehand if you know what type of specialist you require. Diagnostic tests, including simple (ultrasound scans, blood tests, etc.) and high-tech tests (CT scans, MRIs, etc.).


Hospitalisation in a clinic or hospital assigned to your Insurance company. In case of admission, the patient shall occupy a conventional, individual room with a bed for relatives, except in psychiatric hospitalisation, in ICU and in an incubator. The insurer will cover the expenses arising from performing diagnostic and therapeutic methods, surgical treatments (including operating theatre and medicine expenses, provided that they are used in accordance with the indications set out on the product datasheet, except medicine that is not authorised for sale in Spain) and bed and board of the patient.


Limits : usually there are limits per person per year, always check your policy details to see these limits. The cover is listed below:

• medical expenses (doctors, surgeons and hospitals/clinics) medicine prescribed by a doctor.

• emergency dentist expenses up to a limit per Insured, excluding expenses related to endodontic treatments, cosmetic reconstructions of previous treatments, teeth cleaning, caps, and implants.

Hospital fees.


Fees for an ambulance ordered by a doctor for a local journey.

• Dental cover

• International second opinion.

Includes a second opinion on medical diagnosis or treatment in the event of serious chronic diseases requiring scheduled care of which the course may require new diagnostic tests or therapeutic measures and whereof the life prognosis is seriously compromised.